Volumize volume rendering engine

High quality, high speed volume rendering

Rendering on an iPad Pro / A10X

CPU only rendering. Combined volume rendering with polygon rendering.

Translucent or opaque polygon rendering. Render resolution of 1024x1366 pixels.

Volume object of 512x512x333 voxels at 16-bit per voxel.

Polygon object of 3.4 million triangles.

Unique realtime multi-classification, with independent transfer functions.

Real time interactive volume rendering at 1080p of a CT data set of 512x512x333 resolution.

Rendered on a GTX 675MX. Frame rate is over 200 frames per second.

Identical AVX2 CPU rendering at 27 frames per second on a quad core i7-4470K.

4K rendering of very large data sets

Volume rendering of a micro-CT scanned mouse of size 1000x1000x2700 voxels.

Rendering at 4 K resolution (3840 x 2160)

Rendering speed is about 60 frames per second using a Titan-X Maxwell GPU



Colon Flythrough

CPU only volume rendering on a 8 core Skylake-X processor at 4 Ghz making use of AVX-512 SIMD.

Rendering at 1920x1080 resolution.

Rendering speed at 50 frames per second.

16 simultaneous views.

Volumize volume rendering engine